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New accounting standards and tax law differences on how to coordinate

The new accounting standards have been January 1, 2007 became fully implemented in listed companies. Recently in the tax net and other units from China held between the new accounting standards and tax expert seminar, experts discussed from different angles the new accounting standards and tax aspects of various differences and focus around the new accounting standards and tax law causes of the differences that the differences in content and solutions, how to master the new accounting standards, etc were also discussed.

Accounting professor, Sun Jianguo, China's tax chief expert network that will produce accounting standards and tax differences are inevitable problems. First of all, the two are not the same as the objectives to be achieved. Accounting objective is to truly and objectively reflect the financial position, operating results and cash flow, while the main objective of tax laws through fair taxes, fair competition to ensure the realization of revenue. Second, the basic premise of the two different. The four new accounting standards is a prerequisite for accounting entity, going concern, accounting stage and monetary measures. The corporate income tax the taxpayer is different from the accounting entity, but also for income, expenses, assets and liabilities of the recognition, measurement of the time and scope of the differences between temporary and permanent inevitably produce differences. Again, the principles between the two is not the same. In addition to a number of income tax law to follow accounting principles, the main legal principles should adhere to the principle of equity, income and balanced principles, anti-avoidance principle and the principle of administrative efficiency.

"It is precisely because of the existence of differences between accounting and tax law, we will carefully study where different, so we all know how to handle these differences." Fang Beijing National Accounting Institute associate said, "This happens to be our National Accounting Institute and China's tax net services such as consulting, as an important research topic in 2007 is an important cause. "

Central University of Finance and Accounting Institute Professor Yu Yingmin that the promulgation of new accounting standards reflect three major breakthroughs. First, from the domestic system to achieve a breakthrough to international standards. The old accounting standards and accounting systems, generally speaking, the basic system is still based on domestic. But this time, accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standards adopted consistent with the principles and approach, and has been recognized by the International Accounting Standards Committee. Second, realized from the service manager to service stakeholders breakthrough. The old accounting standards and accounting system is mainly to meet the managers, in particular the needs of the government administration system system. Overall, to meet the higher authorities on the line. But under the new guidelines, they should as far as possible the demands of investors, creditors, managers, regulators and the public need for information from such persons. Third, the new guidelines to achieve a heavier weight long-term development of the current profit breakthroughs. For example, new standards in the recognition, measurement and financial reporting structure, and established the core of the balance sheet in order to limit short-term business. Over the years, the income statement financial statements of the enterprise system has been living in a prominent position, profits as the management of all aspects of corporate performance assessment to measure key indicators of corporate profitability, but it's easy for some companies to leave short-term profit manipulation profit space, and The new accounting standards system highlights the balance sheet of the report system in the central position of the balance required enterprises to enhance the quality of information. Assets less liabilities of enterprises in the balance of the equity increase in circumstances that increase the enterprise value, shareholder wealth and growth, which broke through the traditional concept of pure profit, helped promote the company implementing the scientific development concept, improve asset liability management, optimization of assets and capital structure, improve decision-making level, to avoid focusing only on immediate interests and advance the implementation of income distribution, long-term strategy to fully focus on business and sustainable development.

On the positive role of the new accounting standards, experts agreed that the new accounting standards such as accounting policy choices in research and development costs capitalized into the system, a change in our total cost of R & D requirements, meet the recognized criteria for the expenditure of development activities allow capitalization. This policy will encourage enterprises to increase science and technology and R & D activities Touru, promote technological upgrading and industrial restructuring, Wei 钀藉疄 central authorities of the country through science, encourage their independent innovation of the call, creating a good accounting Zhengce environment, success in the eyes benefit in the long run. Another example, the new accounting standards focus on the protection of economic and social harmonious development of areas in cost accounting, and international technology accordance with a market demand and further improve the cost-compensation system, Gaijin a cost accounting project and Fangfa, firms will Chengdan the disposal of fixed assets obligations of social responsibility accounting system introduced in order to be more scientific, rational, comprehensive cost information to reflect, to ensure that the cost of compensation and workers compensation, to avoid ahead of distribution, the implementation of harmonious development.

New accounting standards and tax law differences between expression? With years of practical experience of Gao Yun Bin revenue from substance over form, prudence, accrual and cash basis of accounting principles and other important new guidelines compared with the differences in tax law content. In his view, both old and new accounting standards and tax laws are differences in the income tax on the more obvious, accounting standards and the income tax system should be more coordination of space.涓浗绋庣綉娑夌◣椋庨櫓鐮旂┒瀹や笓瀹堕檲钀嶇敓璁や负锛岀洰鍓嶇◣鍔¢儴闂ㄥ湪姝ゆ柟闈㈠姩浣滄湁鐐圭◢鎱? He said, because the scope of the implementation of new accounting standards is still limited to listed companies, compared to other companies is the implementation. In other words, you can do can not execute, so the tax sector, there is a policy of transition. In addition, regardless of how changes in the accounting system, tax policy, if unchanged, the taxpayers or tax payments from tax in accordance with accounting principles.

Capital University of Economics Professor Zhang Chunping, Shandong Finance Institute Professor Cai Changfu, the Chinese team of experts Wang Lingdeng tax net policy statement, also in the use of new accounting standards for attention were two tips. First, note that the application of fair value must meet strict preconditions. In accordance with the provisions of the new accounting standards, listed companies should establish and improve related with the fair value of the decision-making system, in strict accordance with the new standards require, carefully selected and appropriate fair value measurement model. To determine the fair value method of valuation assumptions and the main parameters related to the selection of a determined, it should be full disclosure. Meanwhile, for compliance with international practices and China's actual conditions, such as some financial assets and liabilities, exchange and other non-monetary assets, allowing the use of fair value. Made for some media, "the introduction of fair value will significantly increase business risk of profit and loss control, accounting information will lead to chaos" problem, experts think this worry is unnecessary. Because the new guidelines on the use of fair value set many restrictions, so long as the correct grasp, we can accurately and effectively monitor the application.

銆??浜屾槸鍦ㄨ繍鐢ㄤ竴浜涘噯鍒欓」鐩椂锛岃鎶婃彙濂芥斂绛栫晫闄愩? Accounting Standards in the construction of certain significant accounting policies for the appropriate adjustments and improvement of relevant standards of these projects, to grasp the policy limits, the policy is good, with properly. For example, the new guidelines require companies timely provision for asset impairment, impairment loss is recognized, to reflect the true value of the assets, but did not allow the companies make more impairment, but does not allow enterprises to establish a secret preparation, also does not allow pre-identified impairment of long-term assets to be back, but against corporate use of old and new convergence criteria for the occasion, random early reversal of impairment losses, adjusted profit.鍙堝锛屾柊鍑嗗垯鏀瑰彉浜嗙爺鍙戣垂鐢ㄧ殑鍋氭硶锛屽厑璁稿皢閮ㄥ垎寮?彂鏀嚭璧勬湰鍖栦綔涓鸿祫浜х‘璁ゅ垪鎶ャ? This policy will greatly improve the high-tech companies, venture capital enterprises or larger corporate R & D financial position and performance level, encouraging these companies to increase R & D investment. But these expenses must meet stringent recognition criteria, does not allow companies will not meet the requirements of the development expenditure recognized as an intangible asset.瑕佹帉鎻″ソ杩欎簺鍏蜂綋鐨勬斂绛栵紝灏遍渶瑕佷紒涓氳储鍔′汉鍛樺拰鐩稿叧璐d换浜轰弗鏍兼妸鍏筹紝鍒囧疄鎵挎媴璧疯矗浠绘潵銆?br />


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Built-in objects of the JSP in a brief overview

JSP brief overview of built-in objects:

(1) HttpServletRequest object class Request

Role: representative of the request object, used to accept client connections through HTTP protocol transmitted to the server-side data.

(2) HttpServletResponse object class Respone

Role: representative of the response object, used to send data to the client

(3) JspWriter out object class

Role: mainly used for the output data to the client; Out of the base class is JspWriter

(4) HttpSession session class object

Role: The main difference is used to save the information for each user, the session associated with the request; session state to maintain a Web application developers must face.

(5) ServletContex class application object

Role: Mainly used to store user information, the code fragment of operating environment; it is a shared built-in objects, that is, a container of multiple users share a single application object, so the stored information is shared by all users.

(6) PageContext class PageContext object

Role: Managing Web properties, packaging page for the JSP page context, management is the visible part of the JSP in particular access to the named object, its creation and initialization is done by the container.

(7) ServletConfig class Config object

Role: Configuration object code fragments that Servlet configuration.

(8) Object class Page (the equivalent of this) object

Role: processing JSP page is an instance of Object class, refers to an instance of JSP implementation class, that it is also the JSP itself, and only within the JSP page is legitimate.

(9) Exception

Role: JSP file execution errors and exceptions only in the error page where it can be used, provided that: where in the page directive to have the page isErrorPage = true; such as:



Are: the error.jsp page can be built using the exception object, use the following:

Note: pageContext attribute default in the current page is shared;

session of the property is in the current session is shared;

ServletContext object is that it is all the pages are shared;



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FreeBSD editor VI (B)

0. Foreword
Vi command mode, this shows an executable command.
All the instructions are to enter the blue said.

For beginners, this section a bit complicated.
But what? To bubble experience, with a long time you will remember some of the natural order.
Do not bother to remember, because the commonly used natural unconsciously remember.
(Most likely, like me, fingers, remember, the brain remember .. QQ)

Note: said first hold down the ctrl key and then A. (Some commands can also be used lower case)
I always use lowercase.

1. Used mobile command:
the word down to move to the next one to appear.
cursor move up one screen.

move the cursor down a few lines (about 12 rows).

move the cursor down one screen.

move the cursor up a few lines (about 12 rows).

$ Move the cursor to the end of the line.

nG move to a line, n is the number of rows, if the file was not specified, the last line.

L Move the cursor to the next line of the screen the most.

^ Move to the line first non-space character.

2. Common file commands

display file information.
Shows the current file is changed, the location of the line.
file_name: unmodifIEd: line 1 of 380 [0%]

redraw the screen.

suspended edit back shell, available fg back to edit screen

switch to the recently edited files.
vi file_name file_name2
Life can use this command to switch the two files.

3. Common editing commands

I move the cursor to the first character Daoxing first and begin to accept input.

Y copy the row to a temporary area (you can use yy)

D from the current cursor position remove all the characters end Daoxing .. (you can use dd)

x delete a character cursor position

! Shell command! Followed shell comd, and to shell cmd to replace the cursor to the line performance results.
If! Panda
The following information will be used to replace the original contents of line
bash: panda: command not found

r by r is followed by a character to replace the cursor of the characters.

~ Switch case of character cursor

n of the search before the search string (with / can)
If the first execution / BSD
Further implementation of n equal to the Executive / BSD
Search for anything if not previously have the following message
No previous search pattern.

U restore state to initial contact with the cursor state visit

u recover the effect produced by the previous action (ie replies)

: Implementation of the ex command

J to the next line with this line of the merger.

鈼?reference: vi (1)


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Fireworks in the fade in animation production

Fade animation

Use fireworks to do fades, some say that they do not see the real PNG format, the steps, so at this meeting on such a tutorial.
Object fades is firewoks can create one common effect, the two linked frame when inserting objects, one object is set to 0% opacity, the opacity of an object is set to 100%, it can get fades.

Production steps:
1, first create a new file, draw a circle, set in FILL panel edge: feather: 10, feather set in motion the process aimed at the edge would not get stiff, effect. Point in the circle, press the F8 key, select the type: graphic, make it into a symbol.

Second, in the library panel to select the symbol, onto the screen. Repeat the last operation, and again one out. After the delay with the scale tool to pull out of that circle the size of their satisfaction, according to ctrl + a, select the two circles.
Third, align the modiya menu option selected, center vertical and center horizontal look at the various points, two balls in the center of a circle on the alignment. :)
Fourth, select the big circle in the object panel transparency set to 0.
5, to select two instances (ie, circular), the Commission modify the menu in the symbol-> tween instances, fill in the steps you want the number of frames. In this case I chose 3.
6, the effect complete.

Original file edit it

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Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun: calm face of the new issue of

Recently, search for Lei Jun person who always told, "Mine always are foreign," while the Kingsoft CEO flying the United States, for a while went back, and each team with a dozen people.

"It was a completely different past market conditions, not with you personally to see, simply can not make it clear," May 18, had just told reporters that the board of directors Lei Jun, Kingsoft is facing a The new challenges of international issues.

Worked hard for in the country for nearly 20 years of Jinshan, this section of road has only just begun overseas.

Jinshan poor end of the day

In 1978, Zhang Xuan Long and his father co-founded the Hong Kong hand Kingsoft company, the choice is clear on the "Gold Mountain," a wealth of words placed on the expectations of contractors who would like, 10 years later, in 1988 the "Hong Kong Gold Mountain" was removed become a domestic "Kingsoft." After ten years, the "Gold Mountain" This piece is brought signs, "the banner of national software enterprises" reputation, crush outside Microsoft, there are pirated eroded, Jinshan limited income, available funds have never been comfortable.

Such a "poor life" until 2004. This year, Golden's first independently developed online game products, "Swordsman Online willing to" initial victory, the revenue to the company's overall earnings overnight Jinshan almost doubled; this year in August, the international e-commerce giant Asia Amazon announced the acquisition of Kingsoft's Joyo, buy gold in most of the 75 million dollars into the pockets of Jinshan.

This hands, are Lei Jun's editing software, "Jian Wang" is his main push of the project personally, excellence is founder of the website of his own. Lei Jun said the two events is one thing, find online games that direction, so give excellent; give up the excellence, to be more focused on online games, Jinshan common goal is to "money", increase revenue and improve return .

Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun

Jinshan in to "money" up and at the same time, Lei Jun itself is changing, too, because a small amount of outstanding shares held indirectly, Lei Jun was several million yuan in cash. Completion of the transaction that night, Lei Jun banquet guests, to each guest to send an ipod (Apple's music player). "So 'precious' gift of the past, no!" Jinshan Wang Feng, vice president of one of the evening's guests. Soon after, and worked nearly a decade of Feng Lei Jun Lei Jun habits found some subtle changes have taken place. "He became 'indisputable', and before any point of view and if the others do not, he will think of another way to convince each other, and now sometimes actually say 'you say also'!"

Quiet operation changed their mentality

Web2.0 is the year to the domestic network of the most popular topic, but this new concept has been out of Kingsoft Lei Jun technical seminar topics, the "I Tingzhi this study, but not on the company discussions, is very simple, we do not need new business innovation, we need to have a business in the direction of innovation. "Jinshan from top to bottom are for technology-based enterprises, the programmer-headed, so the" new technology "do not care really surprising.

"In the past we have the product, impatient and push a new one, if anything capable, less fear than others, too slow," said Lei Jun, the future will slow down, the key is to produce good products, good user experience "For example, online games," lying stories "originally schedule to be launched in May this year, but that product is also not perfect, we should also be able to, but the mentality has changed now, no hurry, or deferred to September's schedule ! "This results in the first half of the online games market schedule Kingsoft product vacancies occur.

"Then buy one," the first half of this year, Golden was a first choice agent games, "Xianlvqiyuan." As early as 2001, Jinshan has decided to enter the online games industry, but chose the independent R & D, this was delayed more than two years at the time. Qiu Bojun, chairman of the view that "it is more complex because of heavy Jinshan programmers, programmers will always see no need to spend money to buy things, make their own one will be better!"

Lei Jun told reporters, and now gaming revenues have accounted for the bulk of total revenue Jinshan, "WPS product growth, drug tyrants products is growing, but the game is growing faster, the game is not piracy." "Money" appears calm after the Jinshan up after the Jinshan calmly made a strategic effort need to slow arrangements: at home and stronger in the international big.

Usher in a new international challenges

In the development of international plan, the Jinshan's senior, the core intermediate has recently started studying the field frequently flew overseas. "One to ten people about the scale, you do not look at the ground, not saying do not know," just a few months, the LEI to the United States, South Korea, Qiu Bojun to the United States, Vietnam, vice president of office Kin to the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Wang Feng, vice president of another went to South Korea, the United States.

"Language, business habits, follow-up services, this is our problem," Lei Jun, the key is to own an international market must have a sense of "starting from the product planning, we should be able to think international market and sell it. "This idea of speaking a word, but doing it is a" beating "things, such as online games, in order to take care of" the cultural background of global Internet users, "Gold Mountain" after the main job of the three themes "because" more than three martial arts culture, ancient mythology more popular, "Before this, Jinshan's" Jian Wang "main martial arts," remake "based myth.

"Although difficult to feel, but one does not hurry, because this two years in international exploration, has won the first battle earned a lot of money," Lei Jun said Kingsoft online games products primarily in Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan markets record. This emboldened, still and "money" directly related.

鈻?Lei Jun's comments

CEO Position

CEO do the job, four points, the first results of the most important. Poor performance can not find an excuse to boss hired you to do any CEO, I hope you are creating value, change the value of your performance, you have to recognize the results. Second, to be diligent work attitude. You know, the world excellent CEO rarely done very easy, very easy to do if a CEO can only explain less intense market competition, at least in attitude did not work. The third point is honesty. Article IV, is to figure out their position, that he was a CEO, a work commissioned by the board of directors.

CEO and owner

And how to resolve friction boss, really it is a very complex issue. I think the first one, to that matter, can not be too full saying that too stiff. Then, the problem may be divided into two categories, first, the question of principle; second, non-principle. Non-principle problem, we need CEO restraint, to make a step, so the board so that the boss. With a matter of principle, the persuasion process, to pay attention to certain skills. Separately, such as how to persuade more attention to early communication, are important.


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Hou Ziqiang: CCTV Spring Festival Evening show the fate of P2P to be the wave of IMS Solutions

At present, the fixed-line broadband subscriber market is showing rapid growth and expansion, and a variety of new broadband wireless access technology is the emergence of Internet-based business applications to bring the convenience.

Meanwhile, the use of the Internet platform has been demonstrated that a variety of attractive new business prospects arising. And, with the further development of Internet technologies, users and business to provide large capacity popularity rising, the future of the IMS network will provide business development has brought a lot of uncertainty.

IMS fate of the still suspense

2004 02ITU-TSG13 meeting after a heated debate, the definition of NGN is given: "NGN is a packet network, which provides telecommunications services, including including a variety of businesses, can use a variety of bandwidth and QoS capabilities with the delivery technology, business functions to achieve the separation of the underlying transmission technology; It provides users with different network service providers the freedom to access, and support the universal mobility for business users to use to achieve consistency and uniformity. "

NGN from this definition that the definition of the target launch requirements only and is not limited to the use of that technology.

The current development of the NGN system will be unified with the QoS capabilities of IP / MPLS bearer network supports a variety of services. 3GPP's IMS NGN will be used as a multimedia service control and network convergence platform. IMS is a multimedia PS domain control / call control platform in support of the session class and non-session class multimedia services, the core features of SIP protocol is used with the distributed nature of access to independent features and standard open service control interfaces.

The system has two characteristics: first operation can be managed in the IP network, the second is based on the client-server model.

IMS system is the traditional telecom operators along the IP evolution path to full development, to meet the traditional telecom network evolution towards all-IP needs to support mobile and fixed network convergence FMC, to support triple play Tripleplay. IMS architecture in a manageable IP professionals online, to support the existing telecom operators and billing model, the establishment of a carrier-oriented chain, just like today's China Monternet, as it can to ensure the interests of operators maximized. For businesses, large customers, VIP and other users, QoS, and security on the special requirements and be willing to pay higher fees, IMS might be a good choice, IMS to meet this market demand.

But for the majority of broadband consumers may not accept this model. Broadband consumers are now generally accepted monthly pattern, free ride on the Internet. IMS operators can be managed in the IP network, not to accept the open Internet, the concept of autonomy, thus losing the advantages of the Internet everywhere. IMS principles and monthly billing system is incompatible. Thus, broadband consumers (including the use of flat-rate broadband wireless access users) will not accept IMS.

The early shock

On the Internet in recent years the rapid development of P2P technology and applications, P2P-based VoIP and P2P Internet TV rapid development, the challenges of IP-based telephony and softswitch-based client server model of IPTV. The P2PSIP of development, that may correspond to the development of IMS's operations on the Internet-based P2P platform.

As we all know, Skype Internet telephony with its superior sound quality and reach, attracting customers, the current total of 2.5 billion downloads, and more than 5 million online, you can, and PSTN interoperability, and also introduced VoIP for business users business . Support Skype, Wi-Fi handsets and 3G mobile phones are also under development. Skype Internet telephony using P2P technology, and adoption of client / server model based on P2P, IP phones compared to great advantage, building operating costs low, such as Skype, hundreds of thousands of super-nodes occupy only a small amount of network and computing resources .

In 2004, China began to use P2P streaming technology on the Internet website of live television. Currently, there are more than 10 sites to use their own software development, P2P streaming media broadcast business, giving rise to an P2PInternetTV wave.

During the 2006 Spring Festival, China Central Television and the joint use of P2P CDN technology to synchronize the video broadcast to the world. Peak concurrent users was 46.7 million, including 75,000 from overseas. By the end of 2005 using PPLive software live to see "Super Girls 2005-2006 New Year's Eve concert," the number of users exceeded a million yuan, of which 30% came from overseas. The first application of P2P content copyright protection technology, users need to receive free "tickets." P2PInternetTV in a short period of time, the rapid development of more than a year, by the end of 2005 to reach 2.5 million registered users, showing great vitality.

P2P live streaming now the main properties of sheets as follows: the rate television programs generally 3-500Kbps, some channels have started to provide 800Kbps bit rate. Picture quality than VCD. In 20 seconds -1 minute to complete the data buffer, and start playing, you can provide users with stable, clear television programs, usually do not appear pause playback problems. With the internal network through the "UPNP function. Ensure that users within the network. 5Mb/s-10Mb/s server to use the bandwidth to support export of one million while the number of users online and have the authentication and accounting platform.

"Overlay" in the post-oriole

Current P2P systems showed great superiority. But it also has its limitations. For example, the limitations of Skype software is that it is closed software, the interface is proprietary, which limits the further development of space. Current P2P Internet TV is specialized software systems and operating platforms, is not conducive to development. The NGN / IMS-based SIP protocol is an open architecture that can support various multimedia services. But IMS is designed to run on managed IP network, a centralized server, construction and operating costs are high, and with the continuous reduction in broadband rates, IMS business if the tariff on the highest high, it will also lose the user's trust. As Monternet the same as China Mobile's "private network", an annual revenue of one billion yuan or so, but spent 50% -60% of the cost of services. I hope that IMS will not re-take the Monternet in the past.

In addition, the performance of the face of the Internet is everywhere, if the combination of P2P and SIP, without a central server, with distributed architecture, operating in the public Internet may open up a new way to meet the requirements of NGN.

The operation can be managed in the IP network, to client / server architecture of a modern telecommunications system, P2P Overlay should be a disruptive technology. Today SkypeP2P P2P Internet telephony and Internet TV a strong impact on modern telecommunications system, VoIP and IPTV, are likely to form operating in the public Internet, a platform based on P2P networks overlap with existing NGN / IMS counter. Both systems may exist in parallel for some time.

Although today's SIPP2P technology is still developing, but has been demonstrated in the public Internet to create a multimedia platform P2PSIP technology trends. This based on the public Internet, but also can play the Internet distribution of performance of the system to better meet the needs of the development of Internet, new media, but also more in line with the Internet business model needs.

Way of being to develop some overlapping distribution network management system to address overlapping P2P network security.

Given there is no shaping of technology and ideas for the realization of next-generation networks, and any ideas and technology to be successful for the next-generation networks must flow through the test of large-scale networks, for which the United States established a National Science Foundation research program "Global Network Innovation Environment" GENI plans to build a distributed network environment for innovation, expansion of a new generation of network research, the development of innovative technologies. This innovation would be more disruptive, to the architecture from the agreement would be new. The current overlapping networks such as PlanetLab experimental network will provide ideas and support.

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Swift ASF AVI MPEG to DVD is a professional and easy-to-use ASF AVI MPEG to DVD Software, easy convert AVI file to MPG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, VCD, DVD, SVCD, MPEG1/2/4 iPod, Zune, PSP, iPhone formats. also can support batch video files conversion of different video formats such as DVD AVI MPEG ASF MOV SWF at the same time. Besides, it also can support to burn VCD SVCD DVD. And best of all, it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole AVI movie to DVD in 30 minutes! Except for converting AVI to iPod Video and converting Video to iPod,it also supports converting among MPG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, RM, PSP Video, iPod Video, Zune Video, iPhone Video!

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